What are the causes of Hip Pain While Sleeping?

Hip Pain While Sleeping

Have you ever awakened due to severe pain on the hips? There are many causeship pain after sleeping of hip pain while sleeping and if you have recently felt a sharp or nagging pain on the hips that interrupts sleep then it could be any of the following reasons:

  • Bursitis – this is an infection of the joint sacs that lead to pain. Every joint in the body has a fluid –filled sac called bursa which is responsible for padding as the joints articulate with bone. Overuse of the joints especially due to repetitive strong force can cause these sacs to inflame. The pain which is felt can increase when a person bends from his hip or when the legs are spread a part which is a very common movement when a person sleeps. A person suffering from bursitis will typically wake up with severe hip pain.
  • Arthritis – arthritis of the hip joints is common especially in people who have a family history of the illness. It is characterized by swelling, redness and very painful joints. Typically when a person sleeps, he is unaware of the sleeping position he is in. He may roll over the hip joint afflicted with arthritis causing terrible pain. If there is pain on one hip then he must sleep on the other hip but there are cases when arthritis affects both hip joint; in this case the person is advised to sleep on his back.
  • Tendinitis – this condition is common in athletes or in people who run, jog or hike. The tendons inflame and become very painful and are often caused by strong and repetitive movements of the area. The tendons are very painful especially when the area is moved and may aggravate when the person is asleep or at rest.
  • Pregnancy – a pregnant woman may feel very uncomfortable and may have painful hips especially during the late weeks of her pregnancy. This is of course due to her very large abdomen; the uterus presses on the back part of the hips causing nagging pain and terrible discomfort. She may also suffer from terrible hip and back pain when she stands and even when she walks since the weight also becomes so much for the hips, lower back and lower extremities to handle.

These various reasons for developing hip pain while sleeping but most of these may be relieved by application of warm compresses. Pain medication may be used to offer temporary relief from pain but are contraindicated in women. Alternate remedies like warm and cold compress could offer relief especially in cases of inflammation and swelling. Repositioning may also reduce pain.

For arthritis pain, lying on the opposite hip may help while other conditions like bursitis and tendinitis may be reduced by prolonged rest. Pregnant women may sleep on their side, preferably on their right side to prevent severe pain. Exercise may prevent pain; consult an exercise trainer to help you find the ideal exercise plan or fitness plan according to your condition. viagra

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